Mobile Application for Korean Vegetarians - Vemeal

UX/UI Design

2018. 05 - 2018. 09

Adobe Illustrator

Individual Work
・ Research
・ UX Design
・ UI Design Prototype

problem statement

How might we make life more convenient for vegetarians living in Korea where lacks information for vegetarianism?


A Mobile Application for the Fast-Growing Number of Vegetarians in Korea

Vemeal was designed for Koreans who have difficulty obtaining information about vegetarianism. It provides recipes according to six types of diet: vegan, lacto vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescatarian, and pollotarian. Users can also communicate with each other and share their own recipes.


The number of Vegetarians in Korea has been increasing

In recent years, the number of vegetarians in Korea has been increasing rapidly—surpassing one million—with the vegan population now estimated to be around half a million. Including flexitarian, a type of vegetarian who occasionally enjoys meat, the number of people who prefer vegetarian foods in Korea is nearly ten million.

since vegetarian culture has not been in Korea for very long, there are few services or platforms for Korean vegetarians.

PROBLEMS & opportunities


ux concept

ui design


Setting A Type of Vegetarianism

When a user first logs in to our app, they can select their own type of vegetarian diet and taste preferences. Six options can be set using a simple guide, which is separated by what food the user does or does not eat.

home &

The app recommends customized recipes by analyzing the user’s type of vegetarian diet and their preferences about the recipe. Users can expand the recipe in more detail using the floating button at the bottom.

Share Recipes & Communication

Users can “friend” others who have the same type of vegetarian diet or food tastes. The “Making Friends” feature helps users share and communicate regarding each other’s recipes on their feeds.

My space

This is a space where users can view their own recipes as well as their saved recipes. Users can also upload their recipes and edit their profile in this space. Any new messages or alerts will appear at the top.


Users can see recipes uploaded by other users in both video and written format. It also provides information on the necessary ingredients, as well as a UX feature that allows you to purchase ingredients directly from the app.


Users can purchase the necessary ingredients for a specific recipe or their everyday produce as a form of subscription delivery service.

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